Friday, July 14, 2017

All-Star Week 2017: Finishing in Style at Zensah

OK, so Billy the Marlin told me to make sure I post to the running blog after I finished working All-Star Week in South Florida, so here goes.

One of my favorite annual traditions is hanging around the All-Star host city on the Wednesday after each All-Star Game, following a big week of around-the-clock work and thrills for baseball fans. This year's Midsummer Classic was in Miami, so that meant a chance to visit my friends just up the road at Zensah!

Zensah is based in Hallandale Beach, about one Aaron Judge home run away from I-95 on your way up from Miami to Fort Lauderdale. I have been wearing Zensah ever since I became a runner in December 2006. I would always buy their compression calf sleeves at a Super Runners Shop in New York City, because I quickly discovered their many benefits to a distance runner, ranging from preventing cramps and shin splits to the added insulation on cold training runs. I took off the bummy cargo shorts (hey it was a long week), so here proof that I was wearing the Recovery Short, which helps me pour on the miles.

So now that I'm back home and gearing up for the Montreal Marathon on Sept. 24, I wanted to say thanks to Alberto, an athlete who knows what he's talking about, and his amazing team that I met at the Zensah HQ & warehouse. King Bingley, the Zensah Ambassadog, was especially happy to see me bring back a bagful of new products that he thinks he is going to wear on his next walky-walk. It was cool to meet the creative director and see her design idea board, which I can assure you has looks you will want. It was fun to chat with their braintrust for sales, analytics, website and social, even the shipping department, anyone else I am leaving out, and I appreciated the iced coffee as well as the Cuban lunch with Alberto and the goody bag for my training. It includes a pair of Grit Running Socks, Featherweight Leg Sleeves (for hot weather), and a Steel Grey version of new Compression Leg Sleeves. I'll review them in subsequent posts!

That is how I geared up while at work in Miami, and you can find many of the stories I wrote for right here, mostly about Major League Baseball's All-Star Legacy project dedications from Belle Glade down to Kendall, and also my annual curtain-closer on whoever is the game's MVP.

I have no Zensah attire on in this picture, it just happened to be my state of mind the day after the All-Star Game. After visiting Zensah, I got some ocean surf time in and it was perfect.

I also made sure to enter the new contest, posting #Zensaharoundtheworld at a perfect spot on South Beach. I have to say, I continued to wear the Recovery Short all day and night. That included on my United flight home, and I'm not sure that was such a good idea because my feet started getting a little numb in my aisle seat after an hour up the coast. Probably not good to mess with circulation when flying is hard enough! But that's how much I love wearing my Recovery Short.

This is a last look back at the view I woke up to every morning at the Royal Palm South Beach. South Florida, you were an amazing All-Star Week host. Zensah, it was so nice to spend time at the HQ before departing. Keep running, keep wearing Zensah, and keeping watching baseball!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Montreal Marathon and #BrooksEndorsed

This was me in the ultramarathon that qualified me for Marathon Maniacs . . . 

... and those are Brooks Glycerins pounding the pavement for 9 loops around Central Park at that Knickerbocker 60K in NYC. Here are the latest Glycerins I am wearing, 9 years later:

After all the pairs of Glycerins I have worn -- sometime just walking into Super Runners Shop by Centeral Park and telling them I simply need a new color -- it felt really cool to become a #BrooksEndorsed runner! When you open a new box of Glycerins, you literally can't believe how good they feel as your foot glides into them, and 20 runs later I was looking down at these same shoes while lapping Central Park and smiling at how they are still like brand-new. They are super-cushiony, fast, and seemingly weatherproof.

UPDATE: We'll be taking them north to run the Rock n Roll MONTREAL Marathon on Sept. 24! Just registered for 18th marathon or ultra. BACK TO BEASTMODE!

Go try on a pair, and get #BrooksEndorsed yourself! Follow me @Marathoner on Twitter and @Marath0ner on Instagram.