Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Montreal Marathon and #BrooksEndorsed

This was me in the ultramarathon that qualified me for Marathon Maniacs . . . 

... and those are Brooks Glycerins pounding the pavement for 9 loops around Central Park at that Knickerbocker 60K in NYC. Here are the latest Glycerins I am wearing, 9 years later:

After all the pairs of Glycerins I have worn -- sometime just walking into Super Runners Shop by Centeral Park and telling them I simply need a new color -- it felt really cool to become a #BrooksEndorsed runner! When you open a new box of Glycerins, you literally can't believe how good they feel as your foot glides into them, and 20 runs later I was looking down at these same shoes while lapping Central Park and smiling at how they are still like brand-new. They are super-cushiony, fast, and seemingly weatherproof.

UPDATE: We'll be taking them north to run the Rock n Roll MONTREAL Marathon on Sept. 24! Just registered for 18th marathon or ultra. BACK TO BEASTMODE!

Go try on a pair, and get #BrooksEndorsed yourself! Follow me @Marathoner on Twitter and @Marath0ner on Instagram.