Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bronx Half Marathon: 2:20.32

Today was the second event of the year in the New York Road Runners Half-Marathon Grand Prix series sponsored by Continental Airlines, and this one was in The Bronx. Not a PR (Manhattan last month was my PR at 2:18), but I was very happy with my time of 2:20.32 today. That's because it was my hardest running course yet. Very hilly, and constantly pounded by wind the entire way, swirling so it always felt like it was in my face. It was a brutal run. Mysterious bumps appeared on my lower-outside left leg, and I stopped just to see what is up with that. It was at about the 2-3 mile mark, searing burning feeling in that area, and I think those bumps are just a result of the inflammation of that tendon. Whatever the case, once again they went away after a couple more miles.

After running this Half, I ran to Laguardia to catch a flight that connected through Minneapolis to get me to St. Louis so I could spend the week with my boys. It was all worth it. All things considered, I'm very happy with my time in this Half.

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