Saturday, March 15, 2008

Colon Cancer Challenge 15K photogs managed to get one pic of me at last weekend's NYY Colon Cancer Challenge 15K at Central Park. It was crossing the finish line. I thought I would post it as part of my ongoing evolution of the body.

Take a good look at this picture, and you also will get a pretty good understanding of why I am about to knock over the publishing world with the book "Trees and Numbers" -- a magnum opus five years in the making!

It's nothing but Trees and Numbers. Just like everything else around you. Baseball. Chocolate. Anything digital. The postal/delivery services. Business. Life. Everything starts with Trees and Numbers...coming soon.

That time shown here was the gun time; my net was 1:37. I would have been easily under 1 1/2 hours for those 9.3 miles, but my intention was to add-on so that it would be a long training run of about 18-20 miles. What you don't see here are 40mph wind gusts and 22 degrees wind chill. I was wearing three shirts and I toughed it out with shorts. All I could think of at this point was: Starbucks.

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