Saturday, September 20, 2008

Queens Half

That's me last Sunday in the Queens Half-Marathon. I ran it in 2:22. I am going to pass on all the detail, though. Sunday is the last game at Yankee Stadium and I will be there; the MLB postseason is about to take me wide and far for the best job a guy could have; and I will be training all the way whether it's along Lake Michigan or an LA or FLA beach because the NYC Marathon is coming up fast on November 2. I am feeling powerful and great, my boys are doing unbelievable things that make me proud of them every day, I still sneak an occasional pizza or beer that make me wish I had a nutrition coach, I have been dating someone amazing, I have more friends than I ever remember having in my lifetime, there are bestselling book possibilities afloat, and I am appreciating every moment of this lifetime because it's my only one. That guy in the pictures here has had his successes and his failures, and what I see when I look at the one crossing the finish line at the Queens Half is someone who is happy and determined and knows what he wants.

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Gerri said...

You're making it look too easy, Mark! Way to go! Keep on running strong.