Monday, January 17, 2011

Displaying the Medals

Finally got around to displaying my running medals today in my office at home, and it felt good to do that for personal inspiration. They have been shoved to the side the past year in new house, so it was time. I went to Lowe's and the closet/organizing aisle, where door/coat hooks are, and found these two great wood sections that were exactly what I wanted.

How do you display your running medals? Hopefully this might offer a tip. Most importantly, I just want to SEE them. We earn them, so let's show off that panoply!

This shows some more detail, so let's introduce my colorful friends from left to right. 2008 St. Louis Marathon, first one I finished in front of my boys. 2009 MLB All-Star Game Charity Run in St. Louis. 2008 New York City Marathon, my PR and best race yet, 5:13. 2007 Nike NYC Half, remembered for running through Times Square. 2007 Oklahoma City Half, remembered for learning hard way about chafing. 2010 Miami Marathon. 2009 New Jersey Marathon, proposed to my wife at finish line. 2007 NYC Marathon, my first 26.2 and finished with plantar fasciitis. 2010 MLB All-Star Charity Run in Anaheim (bib #1), part of it around Angel Stadium.

In the top picture, you also can see the 2008 Knickerbocker 60K ultramarathon finisher crystal. So this accounts for six of my seven marathons, and if you read my blog about the 2008 Statues on Parade Marathon, you'll know that there was no medal for that one, which I invented. Half marathons typically do not offer medals so those were exceptions, as were the MLB events.

The Miami Marathon medal is a double-spinner, which makes it a lot of fun to play with. Which of those means the most to me? It's hard to say, but I have to go with 2007 NYC because it was my first 26.2 and because of the quote on the back, which I got engraved the morning after:

"...a triumph of the will over all limits." - Alberto Salazar

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