Thursday, February 7, 2013

Next marathon: Fort Lauderdale!

Sometimes a marathon is right under your nose and you don't even know it.

I was already planning to be in Fort Lauderdale from Feb. 15-19, and it turns out that the Publix Fort Lauderdale A1A Marathon course actually goes right past the beachfront property where I will be staying. Not one to watch a marathon go by, I just registered.

Bring on my 11th marathon/ultra! This one will be important for a few reasons:

1) It will actually be my 10th official one, since my Statues on Parade Marathon during 2008 All-Star Week does not officially count as a scored marathon. So this one will get me into Marathon Maniacs!

2) It is my old home turf. My first job out of college was The Miami Herald, and after a postgrad internship, I began full-time by working as a sportswriter in the Broward County bureau near A1A. Where it all began.

3) It keeps me going! I have spent this week looking and looking for my next marathon, so I have at least one between now and the New York City Marathon in November. I believe there has to be a big, scary goal out there that pushes you into beastmode training. I have run three NY Road Runners races so far the past month, including a half, and that followed my #12DaysOfChristmas progressive ultra. So I feel that I at least have a base for this and will be taking on a bit of the unknown with temps in the 70s.

4. It's flat as a pancake. Except for a little drawbridge, this is as flat as a marathon gets on Earth.

5. Beach! How can you not like to run alongside the ocean and watch the sun rise?

Major Leaguers will be reporting to Florida and Arizona the same week we are flying there. To me, Spring Training and running marathons means everything is good in the world. Thanks to as always for being the starting point. Next stop FLA!

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