Thursday, April 23, 2015

Training for the Airbnb Brooklyn Half

By Rachel | Hi, everyone! As you may know I'm running the Airbnb BrooklynHalf on May 16 with Mark (@marathoner). I ran my first half marathon in The Hamptons last September (right) and the Staten Island Half two weeks later!

I originally had really big goals (for me) for this race and planned on following my New York Road Runners training plan religiously. I really wanted a sub-2-hour half. Unfortunately, right before my training plan started, I increased my mileage way too fast. Next thing I knew I had a plantar fascia strain and couldn't run for two weeks. After that I jumped right back into my plan like nothing happened. I then pulled my gluteus medius. I shouldn't have been so surprised, considering I was increasing my mileage way, way too fast!

I am finally feeling healthy and have been running regularly. At first, I was super frustrated that I couldn't keep up with the mileage or paces. I figured that if I couldn't do what my training plan told me, it wasn't even worth it to run the race.

Fortunately, I don't think that anymore! I am easing my way into my training plan and hope to keep getting faster as the Brooklyn Half approaches. I realized that I'm probably not going to reach my goal time and that's OK. But, I'm stronger than I've ever been so I am still aiming for a PR!

Here's a pic from a run to our pier on the Hudson River:

On another note, I have been drinking these Organic Balance protein shakes a ton:

They are super delicious and perfect for me since I'm always on the go. Sometimes I have to run to class or work straight from a run or the gym and need some quick fuel. I have only had the vanilla but I am sure the chocolate is great, too.

I also get to enjoy the BK Half in these snazzy new sneakers I just got. The first running shoes I got were Brooks Adrenalines, so it seemed right to go back to them.

I was running in ASICS GEL Kayanos for a bit and I also love those.

I'll get back and tell you how the Brooklyn Half went in a few weeks! :)


Antoinette said...

Brooklyn half marathon will be my first marathon. I am not thinking about race time but more completing the race than having to be scraped off the pavement. As time draws closer I am getting excited about this race.

Sylarc said...

Ready for the half-marathon challenge? The largest half-marathon in the country keep your effort that must be such a confidence boost going into marathon training under your belt!