Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Did you think you could stop the future? Meet QUANTUM-MAN!

"This is your chance...to become the hero."

"The suit has power."

"Did you think you could stop the future?"

"I need you to be...the QUANTUM-MAN!"

By Mark
| Thanks to ASICS for sending me a pair of the brand-new GEL-Quantum 360 running shoes to review. At first, I had to "marvel" at their appearance. They are part of an action-hero costume, with thick individual gel "teeth" that offer spring for bouncing up to the top of our New York City buildings, and a secret power that shall be revealed below.

I brought them to work with me today for a training run in Lower Manhattan, beside the new World Trade Center tower or Central Park, so look for possible superhero tweets.

"You have superhuman strength." A glimpse of the secret power...

I saw this and my tongue started wagging . . .

"The suit has power."

ASICS superhero shoe creators engineered these for "a high octane ride with 360 degrees of GEL Cushioning technology." SECRET POWER REVEALED: "The discrete construction of the full length Trusstic System delivers support and a spring-loaded ride to power through each workout."

See what I mean? "Spring-loaded" is the operative phrase. Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. . . .

The advanced FluidFit upper is constructed to provide strategic support so "the only thing runners will notice is how great their feet feel while running in the GEL-Quantum 360."

"It's not about saving our world...it's about saving theirs."

"Don't let anyone tell you that you have nothing to offer."

As usual, King Bingley has to see what's going on. His immediate reaction was, of course: "Does this mean walky-walk???" I'm like, have no fear little English Bulldog. I am QUANTUM-MAN."

The GEL-Quantum 360 is a neutral, so it fits within my current shoe rotation. I am coming off the most cushiony 15 miles I have ever done around Central Park in the last nine years, this past weekend's TCS New York City Marathon Long Training Run #1. I did the full 6 mile loop followed by two 5-mile loops, so all the requisite hills and pounding on the regular paved running path rather than my preferred soft interior bridle path. That was done with my ASICS GEL-Nimbus 17s. My friends at ASICS HQ sent me those to test, as well as ASICS GEL-Kayano 21s. My go-to race shoe right now is the Nimbus, and it possibly is my best shoe for life (what's yours?), but in nine years of running I have found it good to mix a rotation as long as it's in your shoe type (neutral).

Here is the rotation I will be using mainly to train in coming months for shorter and marathon distances, up to and including next spring's Rome Marathan and, I hope, London Marathon. My fellow ASICS LA Marathon Blogger Challenge alum Ryan posted a good entry on how he is incorporating these shoes into his training routine. I unfortunately had to withdraw from the NYC Marathon this November because it conflicts with my World Series work schedule in some National League city to be determined, but it will be replaced with a 16th marathon somewhere, and honestly you don't even have to worry when you are QUANTUM-MAN wearing Superhero Specials.



ASICS GEL-Nimbus 17

How they looked after Saturday's 15-miler...

How they looked last week on a trail...

How they look at the ASICS NYC Meatpacking District Store...

ASICS GEL-Kayano 21

How they looked during a run down the Financial District...

How they look at ASICS NYC Meatpacking District Store...

And I thought women would like to see how they look for you all, too...

On a side note, my wife Lisa has assured me that I am taking up enough space in our hallway shoe/coat closet, and that it is time to make another shoe donation. She is right. This will be happening soon, so if anyone has a good suggestion on the best place to donate shoes these days, I will follow up. Here is my blog post about donating shoes back in 2011, and times may have changed. I know the Brooklyn Half Pre-Party in May was one place to donate, so if there is something like that again or a better route, just let me know!


6to said...

Hello! Have you run more with the Quantum 360's? I already have a Kayano 19 and 20, and I am adding a new shoe for my rotation and I'm deciding between Nimbus 17 (sure bet, wverybody seems to like them) and Quantum 360 (risky bet) for my first marathon in Barcelona, Spain.
Which one would you pick?

Quantum 360 said...

The Gel Quantum 360 Knit upper breathes surprisingly well. My socks and feet felt relatively dry in all the runs i did with the shoe.