Monday, December 28, 2015

#NoResolutionsNeeded: Early 2016 @Marathoner Schedule

There's only one way to ring in a New Year: With a new race schedule.

For me, it will be the year that marks my 10th anniversary of going from smoker to runner, and according to doctors that means I now officially have healthy pink lungs again. If you want to know what keeps a person going race after race, it is honestly the mere act of signing up for more races. It is about setting big goals, working hard to get there and then being a finisher.

The legendary Falmouth race is a 7-miler in August and that lottery opens up in the spring -- the only lottery reliance at this point. The two certain marathons are Rome and New York City. The X-factor in all this is that I'm about to begin physical therapy for my left shoulder (tendinosis and capsulitis - steady pain) two times a week for the next eight weeks. Hopefully it will strengthen the shoulder.

Hopefully the above list will nearly double in size before it's all over, as this is just the first pass. It's the most fun part of the year: When you dare to dream, when you look over the bucket lists. I run as an ASICS Ambassador and as a longtime member of New York Road Runners and Marathon Maniacs. Here's wishing you a Happy New Year as we run into another big year, and remember: #NoResolutionsNeeded

What are your big 2016 race plans?


Cheri Fiorucci said...

Rome! I am excited to hear how this one goes for you. It's definitely a bucket list marathon for me.

Mark Newman said...

Thanks, fellow Big Cat! Happy New Year and I will let you know! Roar into 2016!