Monday, June 30, 2008


Hell with that "Basic Marathoner" training schedule I cited in the previous blog. I just looked on the New York City Marathon site and I am bumping up to the "Competitive Marathoner" schedule. That one's for me. This is the page I am printing out and keeping with me these next 18 weeks:

I just did 27 miles as my final Base Week, so jumping up to 32 this week is OK. Plus, I run 6-7 miles on a pretty standard basis because I love to run around all of Central Park. The other one called for 4-milers out the wazoo; my frequency will just have to increase. I'm ready for it. I am part of the Big Cat running team. I am not a little tiny baby kitten sucking milk out of an eyedropper.

My goal is 4:50 and I have some serious ass kicking to do. It is going to hurt, but no pain no gain. I only live this one life and I am going to push myself to the limit. My work habit ain't no habit, man, I do it on purpose; I push myself to the limit so my talent'll surface. Yeah, that's right. Here we go.

BTW, welcome to any new Twitter friends. I am @marathoner over there. My contact info is right here and I also am responsible for MLBlogs and my community blog is right here.

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Jeff said...

Looks like your busting it big time. I hope your body will tolerate the increased mileage/training runs with the injury situation.

Unfortunately my training suffered this spring when my achilles started acting up. I was hoping for 4:20ish and ended up having to settle for a 5:09 for my 1st marathon (VT).

Enjoy your travels. Nothing like baseball. I'm a lifelong Cardinal fan, since 1964. Been fortunate enough to see some great teams over the years.

My wife and I try to get to see the Greenville Drive (Red Sox A team) whenever we can. Love our little "Fenway" park in Greenville, SC.

Good luck with your training and travels. I enjoy your blog and twitters.