Thursday, July 3, 2008

Statues on Parade/Fourth of July 20M Run

This just in: Yours truly will combine an ING New York City Marathon training run with work on the Fourth of July and blog on about running to see all 42 of the awesome Statue of Liberty All-Star scale models that are positioned throughout NYC for our Major League Baseball All-Star Game festivities. I will even be wearing red, white and blue running gear to see the Statues on Parade.

I have decided to call this one-person race the:

Statues on Parade 20M Run

This is going to be...HARD!

Here is the map, so you can see where they are positioned. I am planning to start at Yankee Stadium because there is one up there in The Bronx. My challenge is to run from there back down to Manhattan. At that point, I will be zigzagging like crazy, stopping to photograph every one with my Canon A540 that I will pack in my fuel belt along with a notepad. I also will talk to people who are admiring each of the statues, to show how awesome these are. I also will need to pack extra batteries. I will have four filled fluid containers on the belt.

Then the final trick in my gameplan was being able to get onto a boat to finish my tour on Liberty and Ellis Islands, because an All-Star Game version is on each of those islands. That's where it will end, with 41 and 42. Then I will get back over to Manhattan and take a train up to Upper West Side, where I can shower and then start uploading and blogging.

UPDATED 11:30 A.M. THURSDAY: Great news! The wonderful people of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation have arranged so that these wobbling legs will be able to walk right onto a boat to see 41 and 42 -- including the ultimate Statue of Liberty herself in all her majesty. Please visit to learn all about Lady Liberty and Ellis Island. And please consider purchasing one of the great 9" replicas of these Statues on Parade masterpieces. It's a miniature of a miniature! A portion of the proceeds of the sale of these replicas in the Shop will benefit the Foundation, which preserves this important United States history. So you can help out by getting involved. In fact, my run is going to be a challenge for others to go get a 9" replica and thus help the Statue of Liberty herself!

Not only that, but now you also can OWN any of those 42 8 1/2 foot statues that I will be seeing on my run. They are up for bidding through July 18 at the Auction. The bidding starts at $5,000 each, and net proceeds go to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America -- MLB's official charity.

Make sure to check out Then will link to my MLBlog, and we will show everyone why they have to see these in NYC and enter the Statues on Parade sweepstakes to show yourself with a statue. Above and to the right is an example of what these look like. We got the Detroit Tigers statue at our offices, so a passerby was kind enough to take a crappy cell phone pic of me next to it this week just to give you an idea of the scale size. The Fourth of July pics will be a lot better!

Here is the original story I wrote as the announcement of Statues on Parade. I have only seen the Tigers version "in person" so far so I am looking forward to this. (Update: today I also saw the Orioles version out front of Modell's Sporting Goods at Sixth Avenue and 18th Street. They are un-be-lievable. If you are in NYC, be sure to check them out, too! Happy Fourth of July!

- Mark


CTBamaFan said...

What a freakin cool story. I wish I could be in New York to run with you. Can't wait to read the blog and see the pics. Be sure to get a good one of my Cards!

Have a great time. Be safe in the Bronx!

Mark said...

Thanks! I am looking forward to this, with a little nervous energy and wondering how many wrong turns I will make with no volunteers on my "course"!!! It will be interesting...I appreciate the support and be sure to get one of those 9" versions at the is in the story and it helps the real Statue herself.

Kambri said...

I just saw one of these on Park by the Helmsley Building. Very cool!

Mark said...

They are incredible, aren't they. For the low-low starting bid of $5,000 you could have that one for your very own. :) Actually it would look great right outside of a tin shed!

Dani said...

How cool!!! Can't wait to read your blog after the run!!!

The 9" statues are awesome; although my Marlins look very blue...

Run strong!

Mark said...

Ha! I'll check on the pantene coloring of the Marlins statue when I get down toward Wall Street! Yours is right next to the Kansas City Royals in the Financial District. :)

Mark said...

Kambri, you must have seen the one out front of our MLB HQ! That's an AL statue (non-team specific) I believe. Will be there to see that one soon enough! :)

Kambri said...

Hmm...maybe. Not sure where MLB headquarters are, but this is my dentist's building where I was headed:

My girlfriend Bob actually posted a pic of one she found and I commented almost immediately. She's looking for a map of them, too.

Mark said...

Kambri, yours was either the white pinstripes Yankees version on 42nd and Vanderbilt next to GCS, or the All-Star Game version (not team specific) outside our MLB HQ at 245 Park next to Helmsley Building.