Monday, July 21, 2008

Run for Central Park 4M

I mainly focus on marathons here, but I just wanted to say how good it felt to get back in the groove with a Central Park weekend race as part of my NYC Marathon training. The All-Star Game was awesome and at the same time 24/7 work for several weeks, as my role at MLB meant responsibility for a lot of the voting and content leading up to and through the events. I had no chance whatsoever on the training week for several days...I just wanted to sleep.

Saturday morning at 7:30 I woke up and realized there was a race in an hour a block away at Central Park. The heat index was already in the 80s at that point. I threw on the Breathe-Right strip, iPod on left arm, sleeveless Underarmor, shorts, Balegas and Brooks and was out the door for same-day registration. It was a breeze, I got into the 9-minute pace group, and I had one of my best races since joining NY Road Runners. My time was 38:13 and my pace 9:33. It was a little off my 4M PR, but we were going counterclockwise, meaning running up Cat Hill, and also factoring in the heat index I was very happy with this time.

I'm back on I just have to figure out how to train hard throughout my trip to Beijing Aug. 5-26 to work the Olympics for us.


nyflygirl said...

great job-I was doing my long run and running in the other direction of the race and saw the strain on everyone's come even close to a PR in those conditions is a very good thing.

Im'perfect said...

Hello! :0) I appreciate you stopping by my blog spot. Wow, you're like a hard-core, do or die marathon runner. I am amazed with people who have the discipline like yours. I mean... I had this fleeting thought of running the Flying Pig race in Cincinnati, OH- but that was just it- a fleeting, flying thought. LOL
Am I reading this right that you are heading for the Olympics?? Go Mark!

Oh yea, about your post on my page... It's gotten a little better about the roommates "cleaning" up around the home. Well- kind of. I got left with scooping poop out of the litter box of a cat who happens to belongs to my roommate who recently took it in and expected me to pay for it's food when I called her and told her it was running out. Anyways, that will be a definite post on my blog- NEVER SAY 'OK' TO WATCH SOMEONE'S CAT! Never, you’re only left to bend over cleaning some other creatures dropping besides your own. Eck. So yea, I've "owned" this cat basically longer than her since her departure to Alaska for a family visit.

Yeah, nice people like me finish last- if not in a race--- last in life :0( *sniff*