Friday, March 23, 2012

P.T. Sessions for ITB Complete

Physical Therapy for IT Band syndrome: DONE!

11 sessions completed and thanks to my friends at the P.T. facility near our MLB offices in Chelsea. It has strengthened my left hip and left ankle, gradually loosening up the left ITB. I will resume stretching and strengthening exercises leading up to my ninth marathon, April 15 in Paris.

The ITB presented itself after 15 miles of the January 29 Miami Marathon, adding an hour to my finish time and basically disabling me for a while. The goal in P.T. has been to make it Paris-ready, and I feel good about it. On Sunday, I felt very strong at the NYC Half, finishing in 2:27:45 with no leg issues.

My goal for Marathon de Paris is 5:20 and I will look for a 5:00 pace group. I bought the Sprint Stick roller at the NYC Half Expo and will take it with me to Europe, regularly rolling out the ITB.

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