Friday, March 9, 2012

Training Tips

I am running the 4/15 Marathon de Paris because I was not accepted in the 4/22 London Marathon lottery. I still have enjoyed my regular London Marathon emailers, for tips like these:

Training tip 1

How can I prepare myself for the difficult second half of the marathon?
If you are well prepared, the first two hours of the marathon will be relatively easy. After that, things start to get a little more complicated. Not only will you become increasingly physically tired, but your mind will also be telling you that it's time to stop and have a rest. To counteract this, try to make your body move more efficiently in the first half of all your training sessions from now on. If you feel in control of your body, your mind will adapt to this and you'll gain a psychological advantage for the second half of the marathon.

Training tip 2

How do I deal with nerves? Nerves are an integral part of races and for the first-timer they are with you pretty much from the time you enter the event to the minute you run over the finish line. Try and talk to people who have run your chosen event before and ask for some tips about getting to the start and about the course, to put your mind at rest. Read as much as you can about the event, both in the race-day instructions, that you should be sent a month or so beforehand, and on the race website.

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