Monday, May 21, 2012

Best finish in running?

What is the best finish line area of any race you have run? For me, it is hard to beat the Brooklyn Half - Coney Island boardwalk, Cyclone, Wonder Wheel, music, Atlantic Ocean, Nathan's hot dog, beer, medal.

I just ran it in 2:29 this weekend. It was my fifth BH, 71st race overall, most times I have run any single event. Chalk that up to the amazing finish experience - "Most Fun Finish In Running." Memo to my friend Mary Wittenberg, you can feel free to use that slogan next year!

This time we started at the Brooklyn Museum, and entered Prospect Park at the 3.5 mile mark. Insane number of runners; sold out within 10 hours. Mile 6 is tough (course is fast but no pancake!) - long gradual ascent, but 7 is revenge. Exit park at mile 7.5 onto Ocean Parkway and then it is a straight shot to the boardwalk.

It was hot, but shade was abundant.

Now for the fun. New layout moved the boardwalk entry farther down, entering next to the famous Cyclone wooden roller coaster. Sprint the boardwalk to finish. We got medals for the first time.

Famous Nathan's dog, check. The lines are so long, I call it mile 14. But we just proved we can handle it.

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