Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brooklyn Half

Saturday is my 71st race since I traded KOOLS for ASICS in December 2006. It is my 62nd New York Road Runners event, and of those it is my fifth Brooklyn Half Marathon -- the NYRR race I have run the most. What race have you run the most and why? If you love the Half, you MUST run this. I like it even better than the costlier NYC Half, which takes you through Times Square. Brooklyn has a great vibe. The first 7 miles are around Prospect Park, then a straight shot down Ocean to the Coney Island Boardwalk. You finish to great music, the Atlantic Ocean surf and beer -- just a great, great race. Based on last week's 10K I am guessing I will finish around 2:35 . . . . need to lose weight and work on my core, and a little worried that left ITB issue still hanging around as I have backed off of all that physical therapy stretching and hip-strengthening that helped get me through Paris Marathon. Outer left knee area barks when I sleep.

Previous Brooklyn Half finishes:
2007: 2:22:35
2008: 2:20:24
2010: 2:49:59
2011: 2:38:00

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