Friday, June 1, 2012

Dumb Race Pics

The scorchtacular runners @ericasara and @RunForGlitter started a tumblr called SERIOUSLY UGLY RACE PICS, and my favorite part is that it takes me a really long time to sort through a lot of personal choices to submit. Seriously, it reminded me that in 2007, my first full year of going from smoking to marathoning and changing my life, I created a Dumb Running Pictures photo album on MySpace, back when it was relevant. It was actually an important moment for me, because in that instant of sharing it with a lot of other runners I realized I can be humble and poke fun at myself, and I knew  my running friends would relate.

They have just basically done the same thing here. I love it. So in going through my original Dumb Running Pictures album I am going to take out my clear-cut winner and STILL CHAMPION, by an ear:

It was the 2007 Scotland Run 10K, a New York Road Runners event in Central Park. Man I just look like the dumbest runner ever to wear running shoes. There is nothing like sorting through your Brightroom pics a few days after a race and looking for that one actual flattering shot and then Photoshopping the hell out of it and sharing it with others to present yourself as the studliest runner on the planet. I can show you tons of fatty pics to go with ones where I looked ripped. I'll submit more on the tumblr but for now this one wins. You?


Serena said...

Hahahaha this is so funny. I got a few of those during my 50km. I felt pretty good so figured I looked pretty good too but when I got the photos back I looked tired, drained and unfit haha.

Mark said...

We know we look great, right Serena?