Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mezamashii: The Most Brilliant Run Of My Life

Mezamashii is a Japanese word that means "brilliant" and looks like this:


@MizunoRunning is on a quest to deliver more Mezamashii – more ecstatic, electric, wind-in-your-heart running. More brilliant running. And along the way, someone who best describes a recent brilliant run is going to win a pair of Mizuno running shoes.

I just found out about it on my friend Michelle's blog. She's @nycrunningmama to those of us who follower her on Twitter. She has all the details there on how to enter, and make sure you follow @MizunoRunning as well.

First, let me tell you how I entered the competition...because papa needs a new pair of shoes to train for the ING New York City Marathon in November!

Mezamashii for me was in May of 2009. I arrived at the start line of the New Jersey Marathon when it was dark, giving a small box to a race organizer for safekeeping until later that day. I then ran 26.2 miles entirely in the rain, and I still get emotional when I think of how I felt for every one of those miles. I knew that at the end of that race my life would change. It is Mezamashii in every way, propelling you forward like you are flying, oblivious to the pounding torrents. At the Mile 25 fluid station I stopped and a whole group of volunteers handed me that little box and then told me, “What are you waiting for? Go propose to her!!!” So I did. I ran that last mile along the shore with some tears mixing with raindrops on my face, and then I saw her up ahead at the finish line, waiting for me. I crossed the finish line, no idea what my time was. I got down on one aching knee, and asked Lisa to marry me. She jumped on me, and I then bore the weight of two on one wounded knee, but somehow it was OK because it felt like it would feel in the future as a couple, carrying our weight together. She was so embarrassed by the official race photographer’s and videographer’s presence, but it was so perfect, and we lived happily ever after. My next Mezamashii is going to be in a pair of Mizunos, I hope!!! (I need new shoes.) 
You have already seen what the moment looked like.

You know what Mezamashii means, in your own special way as a runner. Please join Michelle in entering that competition. I hope I win but most of all I hope we all share really great stories. From what I have seen so far, that is no problem! Great blog, Michelle!

Giveaway Details:
  • Contest will run from Tue, June 12, 2012 through 11:59pm EST on Mon, June 18, 2012
  • Winner will be selected and announced on NYC Running Mama on Tue, June 19, 2012
  • One reader will win an invitation to the Mezamashii Project (which includes a free pair of shoes of their choice valued at $149.99 or less)
  • Open to US Residents Only
  • Winner has until Fri, June 22, 2012 to contact me before a follow-up winner is selected
  • Winner will be chosen via random.org
For more information on the Mezamashii Project, click here.


Cheri Fiorucci said...

I remember that like it was yesterday. Your entry piece is excellent and I hope and pray it brings you a WIN! Good luck Mark!!

Mark said...

I hope so too and thanks Cheri!

Mark said...

I won! Thanks, Mizuno!