Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Finished 12K at 12:12:12 on 12/12/12

Happy 12/12/12! I celebrated by running a 12K around Central Park -- and finishing at EXACTLY 12:12:12 p.m. ET back at my car, which was parked at 73rd Street and Columbus. I was planning 12 miles but had to get to work! Mileage/yardage is an estimate, which is pretty easy to do at Central Park if you run it all the time. I had done once around the park for 6 miles, then I simply calculated where to do the remaining nearly 1.5 miles to make it a 12K and finish it in time. I did not care so much about my running time as I did the clock time when I finished, so I slowed a bit at the end. I got to my car at 12:11, and then started typing as fast as I could on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The finish location was significant for me. It was at that same intersection of 73rd and Columbus where, six years ago this month, I broke a box of KOOLS in half because my new apartment right by there was freshly painted and I wanted to quit and start running. That same day I bought my first box of ASICS instead. I hope you also are doing something special on this final full-repeat date of our lifetimes! It's good for your karma!


David Moon said...

Nice Mark! Here's to life changes! It's funny how, looking back, one day can hold so much significance in who you become. Congratulations on quitting smoking, and turning yourself into a runner!

Mark said...

Hey, David, hope your Half went well! Thanks for what you said, much appreciated sir!