Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Running History

Today I signed up for my first 2013 New York Road Runner races at Central Park. The Joe Kleinerman 10K will be my 66th NYRR race and the Manhattan Half will be my 67th, and overall those will mark my 77th and 78th races since I traded smoking for marathoning six years ago. Here is a year-by-year look at my  running history as I strive to always be a runner for life and overcome those stretches where you'd rather walk your English Bulldog and motivation is challenging.

2012: 10 NYRR races, 14 overall, 3 marathons, 162.5 miles
Comment: Started with ITB at Joe Kleinerman, 14 PT sessions, ran Miami/Paris/HSBG marathons

2011: 11 NYRR races, 0 marathons, 73.9 miles
Comment: Gradually picked it back up and became a 9+1 NYCM qualifier again

2010: 2 NYRR races, 3 overall, 1 marathon, 57.9 miles
Comment: Miami Marathon then married 2 weeks later, honeymoon and laid-back year

2009: 6 NYRR races, 8 overall, 1 marathon, 92.0 miles
Comment: Proposed to Lisa at finish line of New Jersey Marathon, bought home, slowdown

2008: 16 NYRR races, 19 overall, 3 marathons, 1 ultramarathon, 236.2 miles
Comment: Best shape of my life, ran STL, Statues, NYC Marathon + Knick 60K. Good gymwork.

2007: 18 NYRR races, 19 overall, 1 marathon, 152.8 miles
Comment: 1st full year, 1st marathon (NYC), fastest pace (9:13), plantar fasciitis & lessons learned

2006: 2 NYRR races, 2 overall, 0 marathons, 16.2 miles
Comment: I did the most important thing -- I signed up for a race and went to start line

Other marathons: Miami (twice), Paris, St. Louis, New Jersey, Harrisburg, Statues/NYC

Other half/misc distances: OK City Half, Beijing Half, All-Star Game 10K (3)

Note: If you run at least 9 scored qualifier races and volunteer for an NYRR event during one year, then you gain automatic entry into the next year's NYC Marathon. That's called 9+1.


Anonymous said...

I'm not 100% certain, but I believe you and I may have run the same race. Albeit, I was simply keeping someone else company, but I do believe it was in '08 when I ran in it. Although it may be that I confuse it with another race. The race that I'm thinking of was a 60K containing several laps within Central Park.

Mark said...

Hi - yes, if it was 2008 then it was the Knickerbocker 60K. It was two weeks after the NYC Marathon, in mid-November. It was a rainy Saturday, and it was 9 laps. One or two of the laps was in the rain, tough day. Started in the morning and I finished after dark around 5 pm.