Monday, January 21, 2013

Leitmotif Surrender

(Ode to an Inauguration)
©2013 Mark Newman

Leitmotif surrender
Winged Mercury appears
To Arcite in a dream
Wandering in the woods
Garland covered fears

Leitmotif surrender
Dawn us new a day
Inaugural nobility
Old hag into beautiful maid
Partisan pride decay

Leitmotif surrender
Three temples Theseus wont
Love, war and chastity
Greet was th’effect
And heigh was his entente

Leitmotif surrender
One nation under God
Three temples we are wont
Executive, Legislative
Judicial in unison endowed

Leitmotif surrender
Saturn's request of fate
A shaken Earth
Instruments of new fortune
For youthe and elde is often at debaat.

Leitmotif surrender
Beyond past farsical tale
Inauguration Day 2013
In hopeful unison proceed
On history's fleeting gale.

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