Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Songza Marathon Workout Playlist - Updated

Earlier this month I reviewed the Songza app's "Marathon Workout" playlist, after Songza co-founder and CEO Elias Roman was kind enough to email me a link to it to help with my NYC Marathon training.

I noted in that review post that the only glitch for me was the fact that it began repeating songs after exactly two hours -- good for an elite Kenyan runner, but about half the amount of songs I need for runs of at least 20 miles. I am happy to report that during my 20-mile ING New York City Marathon Long Training Run #2 on Sunday at Central Park, the Marathon Workout playlist did not start repeating until 3:20 in.

That's when I heard a No Doubt song and a Ciara song for a second time, and then gradually songs began repeating. I'd still like to see it get over 4 hours, but I'm much happier with that amount of songs. Besides, at that point I'm starting to hallucinate and generally do weird stuff, including taking my earbuds out more. They are generally great tracks, blasts from the past and newer songs, all in the 150-bpm range.

I highly recommend you download the free Songza app -- definitely better than Pandora for streaming music that you want with less ad annoyance -- and then within the app Search for "Marathon Workout." Then just hit the Favorite star. Then each time you go out for a long run, click Favorites and it's there.

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