Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Words without thoughts never to heaven go

Because THIS LIFE IS MOST JOLLY, I couldn't let #Shakespeare450th pass by without a nod of respect from a Central Park runner such as myself. If you run the world's greatest 10K running track there, then you know how much the Bard means in your world. Two days ago, I ran my Run For Boston Marathon there and around mile 10 I made a beeline from the reservoir to the Delacorte Theater, where they not only stage "Shakespeare in the Park" but where you also will find the best bathrooms in the entire park. I mean, how many times have we run the bridle path there right past the loooooong summer lines of people in chairs, waiting for their tickets to the plays? I thought this was a good time to re-air this below entry, which I posted last summer after discovering the Shakespeare Garden and the bronze plaques featuring so many of his best passages. Enjoy, and make sure you look for Shakespeare next time you run Central Park . . .

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Originally posted on Sept. 3, 2013

This is the seventh year that I have been regularly training at Central Park, and to give you an idea of the park's magnitude, I still discover new features along the way. During yesterday's 15-mile long run, I bailed off West Drive to use the bathroom at the Shakespeare in the Park area. I suddenly noticed for the first time a bronze plaque with Shakespeare verse. Then I took a few moments to waltz through "Shakespeare in the Garden," where I encountered these plaques, usually of a flora theme due to their location, and thought I would keep them here, not to thine ownself, but truly to you.

And may I add my own favorite Shakespeare Training Run quote:

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."

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