Wednesday, September 18, 2013

NYC Marathon Training Table: Sea Urchin

Today I am letting everyone else have their fun with National Cheeseburger Day, and I am thinking weight loss and Omega 3s. I went downstairs at Chelsea Market, our HQ, and headed for the Lobster Place. Right away I spotted live wild Sea Urchin from California and my curiosity won the day. They pluck the needles for you, then they cut off the top, and then serve it to you chilled and you eat the roe inside. It is a gourmet delicacy.

I was told that each sea urchin is about a pound. He then took the urchin and began plucking away at all the needles, a rather painstaking process. Better him than me. Eventually two other employees came over to watch him pluck needles.

It was wrapped on ice so I could take it upstairs at our cafeteria. I then started scooping out the roe, and I also had sushi on the side. I put some sesame sauce over the roe for a little extra flavor. Great green tea, too. Great lunch!

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