Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Fitness Tips from Michelle Lovitt

ASICS Fitness Expert
Michelle Lovitt
From Thanksgiving through New Year's Eve, holiday traditions will bring us cherished memories of a lifetime . . . and some real challenges on the training front. ASICS & Pear Sports Fitness Expert (and NYC Marathon finisher) Michelle Lovitt is kind enough to share these important tips entering into this holiday season so you can make the most of a wonderful time of year and stay within your fit lifestyle.

Ready? Here goes:

1) Drink plenty of water before and after a meal. Water will not only help you feel more satiated it will help increase your metabolism and help your body burn calories more efficiently. Keep in mind that the increase in calories burned is modest, however the water keeps your body hydrated and functioning properly.

2) Don't drink your calories. If you partake in holiday festivities limit your alcohol (and eggnog) consumption to no more than two glasses. Drinking caloric beverages daily not only dehydrates you but also packs on unwanted pounds with extra calories.

3) Use smaller plates. Less chance of over-indulging if you can't fit it on your plate.

4) Don't skip meals to "save" calories. Eat small meals throughout the day and you will be less likely to overindulge later.

Thanks again to Michelle for sharing these helpful tips! As a celebrity trainer in the LA area, she specializes in weight loss and body sculpting. You can follow her @MichelleLovitt, visit her site at michellelovitt.com and get her fitness plans and workouts via the Pear Sports app. And if you want to know how to fuel properly in the days and weeks leading up to a marathon, see more tips here.

How do YOU plan to balance training and celebrations during the holiday season? Please feel free to share any tips you have as well.

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