Friday, February 13, 2015

Gear Review: ASICS Abby Tank & Tiger Capri

By Rachel | First, I want to thank ASICS for letting me choose any outfit I wanted from their ASICS Meatpacking District Store! I chose this Abby Tank and the Tiger Capri instead of clothes for FREEZING weather. To be honest, I can't stand running in weather this cold. It has been in the teens almost every morning. It is just so hard for me to motivate myself to get outside for a run.

ASICS Abby Tank

I decided to try my new outfit out at the gym this morning and ended up running a few miles. After I ran, I did a few upper body machines. I liked the material of the shirt because it stayed pretty dry considering I did a lot of sprints on the treadmill. I definitely want more of these tank tops. It isn't too tight or baggy. The soft polyester and spandex fabric offers stretch is just so comfortable.

ASICS Tiger Capri

The Capri was really comfortable, too, with flatlock stitch construction, and it kept me cool since I was running inside. It has a really cool zippered stash pocket on the side, which I like instead of having one in the middle-back. It would be really convenient to keep a Gu in. Also, the Capri has a contoured flat front waistband with drawcord, and this bottom did not fall down when I was running, which is a big deal for me!

These GEL-Electro33 shoes were sent to me by ASICS to review last year, and I got them a half-size too small, so initially they gave me blisters in the back of the heel. But I guess I broke them in, because they now are my favorite sneakers for short runs.

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Gianna Blake said...

Oh! Wow! Thanks for sharing your review about this tank top. I have been looking for such tops for a very long time now. Staying fit has become so important now days and so have finding the right clothes for workout.