Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Play of the Century

Look at this video I took of No. 32 tonight. It's Ben, my awesome high school junior, who made a pivotal play in his school's 28-18 victory. I got to break away from the MLB playoffs for 2 days and see all three of my boys back in St. Louis, and tonight I was able to see this amazing outside linebacker in a football game for the first time this season. That was all that mattered, but this was the bonus:

This was late in the third quarter. The teams had been trading touchdowns to that point, and this return set up a quick touchdown in the ensuing possession. That made it a two-score lead for Ben's team, and it was never close again. So it was maybe the Play of the Game. Congratulations to Ben's team and coaches on their winning streak -- keep it going, you guys!

For me, it was the Play of the Century.

It was just being there with my guys, more than anything. We all do the best we can in this life, such as it is now with a long-distance Dad, and I am so proud of my boys for what great young men they have grown into. I always tell them that they have three great parents now, and that makes them luckier than most people. We're doing just fine. Matt was home from college over the weekend so I got to see him and our sweetheart Amanda on Sunday, along with her cool family. Then Josh stayed at the hotel with me while I worked during and after Game 7 of the ALCS, I took him to school in the morning, and then we went to Ben's game after school, and then hung out afterwards. Now it's on to Tampa and covering the World Series, and that will be immediately followed by me running the New York City Marathon on Nov. 2.


"The Play of the Century" picture below is from Ben's school's website.

Ben next to No. 59 as they walked out to the field with game-faces on:

Here is Josh in front of his favorite cheerleaders, and at the very bottom you can see the Amazing Flying Bulldog Winthorpe:


CTBamaFan said...

Mark, that was a nice pick and return by your son. Guess he gets some of your speed! Glad you got to spend some time with family.

I know that NYC Marathon is getting close. Get plenty of rest (if possible). Gerri and I will be cheering for you from South Carolina.

Mark said...

Thanks! I WISH I had their wheels! I hugely appreciate the marathon support, right back at you guys. And congrats to the Tide...