Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Just A Short Post

I'll make this short:

Ha! Just walked around the corner to my now-favorite ASICS Meatpacking District Store in New York City, said hi to the great sales crew there, and bought the ASICS running shorts that I plan to wear Sunday at the ASICS LA Marathon from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica Pier.

Because of Polar Vortex 2013-14, I have been pretty much living in a couple different pairs of tights and sometimes running pants while training outdoors, and just gym shorts when I'm training indoors. I needed ASICS shorts, and I figured it would be better to buy a pair now that I can still get a couple last workouts in before the marathon, so I can at least make sure there is no unexpected chafing surprise.

We fly Friday from NYC to LAX and I have a feeling you will see a picture of the whole ASICS LA Marathon ensemble -- Instagrammed on Saturday from the hotel that ASICS is putting us up in. And I'm sure there will be some Expo action happening as well. . . .

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