Sunday, March 2, 2014

Both winners of $150 #ASICS Gift Codes announced

ASICS LA Marathon
The ASICS LA Marathon is now just days away, and before flying across the country to run it I was honored to give away a pair of ASICS gift codes as a way to thank my friends for their support!

The two codes were worth $150 each and are redeemable on, and if you entered, thank you very much and please follow my blog because I will be giving away more stuff in the future! For now, this one is done. We have our two winners!

FIRST WINNER: Heidi Gerhardt! Congrats @heidigerhardt -- I contacted her with her unique ASICS gift code to use to order shoes, clothing or any other gear up to $150 at I used a random number generator and she was the random selection. SECOND WINNER: Congrats to Shay of @WhineLess! She wins the same thing, and she has just been selected the same way.

I've described most of the amazing perks that has come with being selected to the ASICS LA Marathon Blogger Challenge Team over this winter, and this is just the latest one. ASICS emailed me and asked that I give these out to my readers as a way of saying thanks. How cool and legit is that? Being able to just go onto and finding what you want, like perhaps a pair of GEL-Nimbus 15s, similar to the model that ASICS sent me over the winter for my training!

Thank you again for all of your support. And if you'd like to support me during the actual ASICS LA Marathon, you also can do that by going to and leaving me a message of any kind that I can see when the going gets tough during the race! I'm bib #19926 in case that helps.


Sydney S. said...

I'd use the $150 to buy a new pair of Asics running shoes! I've unfortunately been sidelined with an injury the last few months and have had to withdraw from the LA Marathon next week but am hoping to be back stronger than ever to run it next year!! Asics gear is the best and has always helped me to run my best and feel the best doing so!!

My name is Sydney and tweet at @sbsperling !!

Thank you! Good luck and most importantly have the BEST time next Sunday! I'll be at the starting line volunteering and hope to see you there! #betteryourbest

Mark Newman said...

Thanks for entering, Sydney! Sorry you had to W/D from the race and say hi at the start line!

Krissy said...

Those Gel Nimbus look like something great to try, I've never run in Asics.

Krissy - @krissymmurphy :)

Kris said...

I would get this or other warm gear because I'm so over this freaking MN winter!!

Kris Terpening

Patty Holliday said...

Let me try that again: I love my Asics! I'd use the $150 to try these Kayano 20 Lite-Show shoes. To. Die For. Good luck in the marathon Mark!

@longhorns2 Patty Holliday

Samantha Burns said...

I'd definitely use the $150 to buy some gear to remember my first full marathon by. The limited edition 2014 Los Angeles Marathon sneakers are amazing, and they still have my size left! Love the LAM ASICS® Core™ Singlet as well!

Only SIX more days!!!


Anonymous said...

Heard nothing but great things about the Cumulus.

My twitter handle is @channynn!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Here For Cheer said...

Hey Mark,
I would love a new pair of tights! I love the Lite-Show the most!

They would be great for these cold Iowa winters. These negative temps have been killing my run game! I am running my first half this April in my new Gel Kensei 5s! I love them!

Good luck Mark!

ckellerson said...

I ran my first half marathon in a pair of ASICS. And though that pair of shoes is completely worn out, I'd love to get another pair with the $150, so I can get back in shape!

Best of luck in LA!

Cory Kellerson

Sandra said...

I would get the Gel Exact -

Good luck at your race!

Sandra @sdstephenson

HeidiG. said...

I'm a huge Asics fan. Was given a pair for Christmas 2003 and have never looked back. Kaynao are my favorite and the most expensive shoe in my closet. No compromise. So, it's needless to say, I'd buy another pair:

I'm also jones'in for some new tank tops since it's Texas and summer runs are always hot.

Best of luck in LA!

Sydney Sperling said...

I'll definitely try to say hi at the starting line! I'll be there from 4:30-8am (eek!) I'll most likely be the girl in the Dodger hat and Dodger accessories!!! Go Blue!!

Mark Newman said...

THANKS! Entries for this one are closed. Will pick winner Tuesday and then do it again! Mark aka @marathoner

April Wang said...

I would get some of the LA Marathon gear!

Morgan Jones said...

To prepare for the Arizona summer heat I would stock up on these Asics Core Tops.

Critical for those runs at 10pm when its still 105 out!

-Morgan @Mojonespro

618mom said...

I would get the

Amy Stonger said...

I have been wanting these running tights.
Amy Stonger

Unknown said...
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Matthew McGarity said...

I'd use the $150 to stock up on non-white running shirts that cover up the fact I forgot to tape down my nipples.

Twitter ID = @McGarityDotMe

Lauren Eggers said...

I would get a pair of ultimate 81's (onitsuka tiger line of asics). I love those sneakers!


email, if you need it is neyabenz(at)gmail(dot)com

Flower Jovia said...

I'd get the Asics Gel Cumulus, I'm kind of partial to them since I ran my first half in them a few years ago...flower @googlejunkie

Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More said...

I would buy another pair of Culumus shoes. Love them!


Kelley Clark said...
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Anonymous said...

Not sure if the giveaway is still open, but I just found your blog, and wanted to give it a go!

I'm also a big fan of the Gel Nimbus - I just switched back to them after four years in a lighter shoe. After running the Austin Marathon a couple weeks ago and gearing up to start training for the Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon in July, I decided I would forgo the lighter weight for the awesome cushion of the Gel Nimbus! So I'd use the credit to buy another pair of Gel Nimbus shoes.

Kelley @

sickofyourshit said...

Would love some new run gear!